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Transformative roots  is a growing community which is completely inclusive to everyone. Here we share knowledge and skills that uplift and inspire each other to grow, connect with ourselves and one another. Through workshops and presentations, the space provides everyone with a platform to express themselves.

Our gatherings are built on a foundation of openness to share with one another in a safe and welcoming space, while the woodland and surrounding gardens welcome everyone to reconnect with nature.


Throughout the summer of 2021 our gatherings were uniquely different each time, having attracted such a wide talented group of people who hosted a whole range of workshops. We can't thank you all enough for everything you shared.

While it was fun watching it evolve as we mixed a huge variety of workshops together, we have decided that this year we will create specific gatherings for particular workshops, so everyone will know what to expect from the weekend.

These will be split into 

Flow Arts - All flow arts / circus workshops including aerial, pole, acro etc.


Restorative - Meditation, yoga, talks, nature workshops & presentations, sound bath, drumming circle, sharing circles etc.

Mix & Match - Games,  crafts, presentations and anything else that comes our way.

tr yoga_edited.jpg

Camping / Facilities

Our camping area allows us to camp up to 50 people. We have a full equipped outdoor community kitchen where you can store food in the fridges, make hot drinks and cook food.

This year we are happy to announce that we have installed a proper plumbed in toilet in the barn area.


We also have 3 bag showers that we fill each day with warm water. This year we will have designated times where these will be available to use.

There is also a charge point for phones, props etc.

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