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Sequoia Gathering - 13th, 14th, 15th May

Would you like to hold a workshop or activity at the next Sequoia gathering? 

We are open and enthusiastic to have more diverse activities where people can connect, learn, share and explore together in a variety of ways that help to promote positive mental growth and creative expression.

We are a community that values and supports everyone, whether they are leading the workshops or taking part.
We also encourage anyone who would like to hold a presentation where we can all learn and share knowledge.

The true magic is in the people who create such a beautiful experience in this space.

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Previous workshops included

Aerial Hoop and Pole , 3 Ball Juggling Tech, Hoop, Floorwork (bring any prop)

Dragon Staff, Double Staff Tech, Acro and Floor Movement, Partner Poi, Fans Tech
Vermi composting & Soil microbiology, Mycology and the life cycle of Mushrooms, 

Foraging and Herbalism, Street art,  Drawing, Guided Meditation, Sound bath, Yoga, Pranayama, Chinese medicine, Sacred Geometry, Gravity movement.


Gatherings 2022

24, 25th, 26th June

12th, 13th, 14th August

15th, 16th, 17th July

23rd 24th, 25th September


The Finer Details

Dear friends, Transformative roots is not a business. You are our guests and we only wish to receive your presence. If you do wish to contribute, whether it's creating art, exchanging skills or making a voluntary donation, these will all contribute to building a more beautiful space for all to enjoy.

This next gathering is going to be a substance free event. We would like to experience this together as a community to explore new ways of connecting and communicating, while opening up the space to a more calming and restorative weekend for all.



We are located in This Area - The full address will be sent by email.




Community kitchen, showers, toilets

What to bring

Camping equipment, food / drink

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Workshop leaders & New attendees sign up 

Please check your junk folder for the confirmation email

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